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Marcus Tegerhult


Cloud Imperium Game's single player adventure set within the Star Citizen universe! Currently under development. My leveldesign responsibilities included designing and blocking out areas for gameplay, adding and tweaking AI, setting up scripted events, setting up mission logic and tweaking  combat and stealth gameplay within the FPS portions of the game.

School Projects


Custom map for the VR-FPS Half Life: Alyx. Take the role of a Rebel infiltrating a Combine Overwatch Station in order to shut it down. This project focuses on VR combat.


Third Person Stealth project utilizing AdvancedLocomotionV4 for the base gameplay. Take the role as a Masterthief and break into the fort, snatch "The Prototype" and escape!

This project focuses on stealth gameplay.

Group Projects


8th TGA gameproject. This is where the 8th and final groupproject I'll work on as part of my education at The Game Assembly will be listed once it's been completed.


Topdown Hack 'n' Slash Take the role of a Blood Shaman on a quest to slay a rogue godess, whose greed plunged the world into eternal darkness.


2D Platformer. You're a soul captured in the darkness of a twisted toymakers workshop. Use your wisplike movement and find a way to escape a most terrible fate.


Mobile Puzzler. Help Canonball Bill and the rest of the circus put on the show of a lifetime in this physics puzzle. Place performers on the stage to help Bill reach the balloon.


Third Person Shooter. A space colony has been run over by alien critters. You are sent in to clear it out. Shoot, dodge and throw explosives in this cartoony action shooter.


Topdown Adventure Game. Explore the post-apocalyptic oceans with your trusty raft. Meet interesting characters, complete dungeons and search for hidden goodies.


Sidescrolling Shoot-Em-Up. An evil has twisted all the critters into wicked beasts. Take the role of a small dragon with an unusual ability and fight your way deeper into the depths of the forest.


Obstacle Course Runner. Help a tiny mushroom creature traverse the treacherous streams of this fantasyworld. Avoid obstacles and collect fireflies.

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