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The 8th and final project I worked on during my education at The Game Assembly.

It's a WWZ inspired coop shooter set after a massive swarm of Nano Machines go rouge and start corrupting humans into tech-zombies.

There were a lot of creative differences amongst the team during the development, but in the end we pulled it together and made an incredibly fun, short game.


One of humanities greatest advances, the Nano Machines, have become uncontrollable and are slowly absorbing humanity into its hivemind. You are part of the resistance, tasked with taking out one of the control-beacons.



  • Development time: 8 weeks

  • Engine: In house engine (CBB3D)

  • Genre: Third Person Shooter/Coop

My contribution:
I designed the layout for two levels: the final level and a cut level that was supposed to serve as level two, in order to focus on helping out on level 1 after the designer that worked on it had trouble finishing it for personal reasons.


Programming: Tobis Nilsson - Jonathan Michaeli - Linus Eriksson - Erik Norberg - Anton Jonson

Graphic Design: Tim Person - Anton Berngarn Wallerstedt - Johan Jergner-Ekervik - Erik Quinn

Animation: Edgars Kaulins - Lovisa Ekelöw

Level Design: Niklas Olsson - Hugo Borg - Marcus Tegerhult


The workflow

Design for the game was quite simple. We played a lot of Left 4 Dead 2, as well as World War Z in the early stages of development to try and figure out what made the gameplay in those games fun and nailed it down to mainly two things:
-The pace of when hordes where spawned
-Having a good variety  of challenges where the players will both have to fight their way through/upward and also be rewarded with moments where they get to go out on a highground and get to pick off the zombies on their own pace.

Overall the game suffered mainly because we co
uldn't do random hordes in our game, so all horde encounters were pre-determined, however the arenas where you fought the zombies always encouraged players to use the entire area for moving around, and when we wanted the player to "Make a stand" and shoot down the corridor, the counter always felt tweaked enough that players were able to do that.

Overall the game felt good to play and the environments felt good to run through, but due to a combination of choices we made, like only having one type of enemy, as well as unforeseen issues that arose it felt a bit lacking as an experience in terms of variety and combat scenarios compared to our two previous outings.

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