The 7th gameproject I'm working on as part of my education at The Game Assembly is still a work in progress. It's an action-TPS with a cartoony artstyle.

The player is sent into a space colony overrun by alien critters. Gameplay consists of moving from area to area and clearing them of aliens and solving small movement puzzles. In keeping with the sci-fi theme, all weaponry is cooldown based, the player has a recharging shield and has the ability to dodge and doublejump.

The game is still a work in progress and this page will be updated once the game is finished later this week.


  • Development time: 13 weeks part time

  • Engine: In house engine (CBB3D)

  • Genre: Topdown Action

My contribution:

In this project, we decided to only make three levels. I worked exclusivly on Level 1, and did some basic scripting using our in-house visual scripting system, like moving platforms.


The colony on Planet X has been overrun by alien critters. The Exterminator is sent in to clear the base out.


Programming: Tobis Nilsson - Jonathan Michaeli - Linus Eriksson - Erik Norberg - Anton Jonson

Graphic Design: Tim Person - Anton Berngarn Wallerstedt - Johan Jergner-Ekervik - Erik Quinn

Animation: Edgars Kaulins - Lovisa Ekelöw

Level Design: Niklas Olsson - Hugo Borg - Marcus Tegerhult



Level 1

Using the experience from our last game, we decided early on that we only wanted to create the minimal amount of levels we could've gotten away with, which was three levels. By only focusing on one level each we'd have the ability to spend more time on polish. We sat down and started sketching out a basic flow through the game and breaking it into different challenges. I decided to work on Level 1, which was to introduce the two basic enemies and thematically serve as a sort of "break in" into the base.

The level is meant to be a hangar/loading area, and to thematically catch the act of breaking into the colony, one of the big setpieces in the level is a "conveyor belt" of containers being transported on floating platforms into the base. The player has to climb upwards in order to access a point where they can jump up on and ride on of these into the base, avoiding obstacles as they go.


After riding the containers into the base, they'e ambushed by a swarm of aliens, that they have the opporunity to shoot at while they continue riding the containers for a bit in order to thing their numbers, before they're forced to jump of and engage in close-range


The player continues into a huge warehouse, where they continue pushing forward until the find an elevatorshaft to jump down, leading into the next area.