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The fifth game I worked on at The Game Assembly and the final project of the first year. This project was the first to be developed entirely from home due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The game is a "Waterworld" inspired post-apocalyptic "tongue-in-cheek" adventure game with focus on exploration and puzzlesolving. You take the role of a mutant, travelling the oceans of the flooded world, when he's suddenly caught ofguard by a storm that throws him into the water. He awakens on a beach with his raft nowhere to be seen and begins venturing forward.


The player will meet different characters that join with them on his journey. Ultimately, the player decides to help these characters out with collecting supplies and finding lost comrades of theirs.

Throughout the game, the player will battle other mutants and solve puzzles in order to progres through different dungeons. The player has a basic punch-ability, can pick up and throw objects, as well as later on a grappling hook they can use to pull enemies into bodies of water, drag useful objects towards them or pull themself over hazards.

The overworld consists of a vast ocean the player traverses using their boat. You'll always be pointed towards your primary target, but there are also explorable sidepaths for the player to find and explore, in order to find collectables and upgrades.


  • Development time: 7 weeks part time

  • Engine: TGA2D (Tiled as level editor)

  • Genre: Top Down / Action / Adventure

My Contribution:

I worked collabiratively with my level design partner on the tutorial level, partial design on the "Floating Fortress" dungeon, layout and propping for the "Rusty Rooftops" dungeon, some tweaking an propping on the "Leaky Labs" dungeon, as well as some dialogue writing scattered throughout the game.


I also designed two of the secret, optional areas you could access from the worldmap.


The world is flooded, it's inhabitants mutated, and it's every person for themselves. You are a lone survivor, sailing the post-apocalyptic oceans when a storm hits you out of nowhere. You try to resist it but you loose your footing, and you're swallowed by the waves...

You wake up an unknown amount of time later. The sun is shining and while you're missing an arm, you're still alive.

You find your boat, which luckily was washed ashore on the same island as you. However a bunch of mutants has made it their home, refusing to return it if you won't help them out . You reluctantly agree at first, but as you journey on with them you start to realise that maybe being in a group isn't so bad...


Programming: Jonas Krantz - Maximiliam Malander -

Graphic Design: Anton Bergaren Wallerstedt - Johan Jergner - Albin Canbäck - Adam Nygren

Graphic Design/Antimation: Tova Nyström - Edgars Kaulins

Level Design: Markus Norén - Marcus Tegerhult

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