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Marcus Tegerhult



My name is Marcus Tegerhult and I'm an junior level designer working at Cloud Imperium Games in Manchester, UK.

Game development is something that I've had an interest in since a young age. I started messing around in Game Maker 8 during  my early teens, creating small barely functional games for my own entertainment. Later I moved on to trying level editors that came packaged with my favourite games, like Half Life and Team Fortress 2, which is where I really started to figure out what aspects of gamedevelopment interested me the most: Level design, lighting and level scripting.

I started my proffessional journey by studying at The Game Assembly, in Malmö, Sweden. Over the course of two years I built the nescecary skills to craft the portfolio I needed to break into the industry.

My favourite kinds of games are VR games, FPS, TPS, Horror Games, RPGs and Rythmgames, but I'm no stranger to other genres and aren't opposed to working with these, as I always wish to continue growing into a more well-rounded designer.

Thank your for checking out my portfolio!

Ross Wilding - Cloud Imperium Games -
Liam Hassall - Cloud Imperium Games -
Kevin Osgyan - Dragons Lake -
Niklas Olsson - Sharkmob -


You can reach me through my mail

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