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This was the second game I was part of developing during my time at The Game Assembly. It's a circus-themed puzzlegame made for mobile.

In the game you'll utilize a selection of "Circus Performers" that you have to place strategically in different positions on the level, in order to guide "The Human Canonball" to the goal. In each level there is also a secondary goal you can complete, if you want to get the topscore. These secondary goals consists of a "Gold Star" the "Human Canonball" has to grab before making his way to the goal, adding some optional challenges


The game has two stages:

-The Build Phase:

-The Performance:

In the "Build Phase" you'll get to place the different "Performers" along the level, based on a gridsystem. You have a finite number of these "Performers" to place, so the main puzzle is figuring out the correct trajectory.

In the "Performance Phase", the lights dim, the spotlight falls on "The Human Canonball" and he is fired out of the canon. The player has no input here, with the exception of when certain "Performers" do their move. If "The Human Canonball" flies into a wall, or somekind of hazard, he'll loose his momentum and fall into a heap on the ground. At this point, the player can easily press a button and head back into "The Build Phase" and try again.


  • Development time: 7 weeks part time

  • Engine: Unity

  • Genre: Obstacle Course Runner

My Contribution:

My work consisted of puzzledesign, propping and lighting.

Me and my fellow Level Designer split the work so we did 5 puzzles each, making for 10 puzzles in total.


Bill is down on his luck. He's desperate for employment and takes a position at the local circus. Help him get through the workday, alive, so he can collect his paycheck!


Programming: Tobias Nilsson - Jonathan Michaeli - Jonathan Söderman - Linus Eriksson - Tobias Grönvall

Graphic Design: Anton Bergaren Wallerstedt - Johan Jergner - Albin Canbäck - Adam Nygren

Graphic Design/Antimation: Tova Nyström - Edgars Kaulins

Level Design: Alice Persson - Marcus Tegerhult

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